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The sewing machine industry is changing rapidly and unexpected things are happening. Last month we received a letter in which the former famous Japanese blindstitch machine maker ‘Treasure’ (Nara company), announced that they will cease production after a period of almost ninety years. The high value of the Japanese Yen and their conservative way of doing business, made an end to this famous company.

I predict a good future for the Strobel company as the only high quality blindstitch producer. Who will be next? Pfaff seems to have problems again and Golden Wheel will be producing most of the Pfaff industrial sewing machines in the future. This will mark the ‘beginning of the end’ for Pfaff.

.Visit to China

Last week I visited China and the situation of the Chinese sewing machine world is quite strange. The sales of industrial sewing machines collapsed in the last 6 months of 2011 in countries like China, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and India. All of this is the logical result of the decreased sales of ready made garments worldwide and subsequently local sewing machine dealers in these countries are suffering.

Many of the Chinese sewing machine producers are in bad shape. Unexpected things may happen to medium-size sewing machine producers. Especially the producers of cheap, low quality machines, that are only interested in quantity and never paid attention to their production, quality control or spare parts supply.

Chinese Government and Banks will provide short term help, but they will not keep putting money into technical bankrupt companies. Some producers will therefore disappear.

Welcome back

We are still happy with the sales of our Global line. As I have always refused to step into the low quality sewing machine market. One dealer once told me that sewing machines could be bought cheaper elsewhere and I replied: ‘Is it of the same quality? Do they give the same delivery service and what happens with the after-sale service or should you need spare parts?’

My answer was simple: ‘Go ahead and give it a try and know that you are always welcome back.’ I have never understood why a dealer would want a scrappy, cheaper machine. It only works against you in the end.


A few weeks ago, I told a local Dutch dealer that some machines would be more expensive in 2012. His reply, much to my surprise was “Great!” I asked him why. “Well, I can make more profit (he receives 30% discount) on a machine which costs € 1.200 than on a € 1.000 machine”. He is so right.

The dealers in general have to put more effort into their search for good machines with a good margin instead of letting the end-users control the market price. It is obvious that the online sales will increase, but good advice and service remains very important for the sale of an industrial sewing machine.

Last week a clothing factory that bought a sewing machine on internet in the Far East, called us and asked us to build up the machine. They were facing serious problems with the assembly.

I replied that he should ask the dealer in the Far East to help him.

We would never assist these price hunters. This particular clothing factory called back this week and offered the machine for sale to us for a very low price because they realized they made a mistake. On top of this they asked us if we knew a good dealer in their area.

We will try to give the best service and will do our utmost to make 2012 a good and profitable year for the industry again.

Please check out the new movies of our Global products on our website and on These new movies will make your sale easier, because you can show your potential customer the ‘machine in action’.

Best regards,

Frans de Vlieger