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MA SERIES                                     CE - ISO9001 - RoHS - E

MA series

With the solid and strong motor 600 Watt motor the MA series is suitable for many lockstitch and chainstitch applications. Because of the perfect balance between price / quality / motor output, the MA series is perfect for all high speed lockstitch machines with trimming, reverse, presser foot and wiping. Do you want to save on electricity on your overlock machines ? The MA series combines needle UP / DOWN stopping with cost reduction.

1 Operation panel C200M is included in the price
2 Highly accurate positioning ± 3°
3 Speed setting by parameter but also by potentiometer in the front cover
4 Solenoid over current protection
5 Low noise, low vibration and low power consumption
6 Powerful operation box: parameters programmable, built in EEPROM can manage and store the parameter setting




Functions MA-4-11
Motor type 600 W - 3500 rpm
Power voltage range Single Phase: 200~240 V
Available pulley size 50-130 mm
(Standard: 90mm)
One shot positioning
Needle Up / down
Slow Start
Presser Foot Lifter
Trimmer & Wiper
Automatic Back tacking
Reverse at Stop
Power Transistor Protection
Power Module Protection
Input Signal Port 5
Solenoid Signal Output Port 4
Gross Weight 12.8 kgs
Packing Dimension

L x W x H = 420 x 350 x 259 mm.


All-In-One Model

If you want a motor with a perfect quality / price ratio, that matches various brands of sewing machines including
lockstitch and interlock stitch, the universal type MA-4-11 is a good choice.