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MD SERIES                                     CE - ISO9001 - RoHS - E

MD series

Finally there is a control unit with functions powerful enough to work on Dürkopp Adler, Pfaff, Brother, Juki etc. with a price level of a cheap servo drive. MD series is Ho Hsing's new model that combines the latest hardware and software development with the powerful and well known mini motor. Whether you want a 500, 600 or heavy 750 Watt mini motor, the MD series can do it all.

1 Works with mini motor 500, 600 or 750 Watt. Less weight, more power
2 Powerful functions by parameter
3 Low noise, low vibration, high power
4 Environmental product; less pollution

Functions MD-4
Motor type Mini motor
Power voltage range Single Phase: 200~240 V
Motor output power 500 W. - 5000 rpm
600 W. - 3500 rpm
750 W. - 2500 rpm
Available pulley size 65 - 75 - 85 mm
(Standard: 75 mm)
Needle Up / down
Soft start
Presser Foot Lifter (pneumatic)
Trimmer / wiper
Automatic back tack
Reverse at motor stop
Power Transistor Protection
Power Module Protection
Input Signal Port 5
Solenoid Signal Output Port 6
Edge sensor Input Port 1
Gross Weight 4.6 kgs
Packing Dimension

L x W x H = 397 x 302 x 259 mm.


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