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Global ® CA 900 Serie - Band knife cutting machine
CA 900 - Band knife cutting machine, suitable for cutting a wide variety of materials. The machine is equipped with an air-table and electronic speed regulator. Available in 220 or 380 V. 

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Global ® CD 10 Hot cloth drill
CD 10 - Hot cloth drill, with thermo-statical controlled needle heating incl. water level .

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Global ® TM 170 - Trimming system
TM 170 - Double headed trimming system for removing threads from garments. This machine is supplied with two trimming heads, which are connected to a vacuum system by 2m long hoses. The vacuum system has a quick release of mast for emptying the waste bag. Loose threads are drawn into the trimming mouth by suction, then neatly cut when the head is passed over the garment, leaving a clean and presentable product. 

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Global ® VK Series - Vertical knife cutting machines
VK Series - Highly advanced vertical knife cutting machines, exclusively made for the Global Selection. The VK Series are equipped with automatic running belt knifesharpeners and a disconnect security switch on the handlegrip. A frontprotection cover must be installed to fulfil the conditionsof the CE-norms. This cover is included.

VK 1106 - knife length 6"
VK 1108 - knife length 8"
VK 1110 - knife length 10" 

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Global MB 90 - Round knife
Global MB 90 - round knife cutting machine with blade dimension of 100 mm.


Maxdo YJ 100 - Round knife
Maxdo YJ 100 - Round knife cutting machine with blade dimension 100 mm.


Maxdo YJ 65 - Round knife
Maxdo YJ-65 - Round knife cutting machine with blade dimension of 65 mm.


Global All Star 100 - round knife
All Star 100 - Small circular round knife with blade dimension of 50 mm.


Su Lee series lay end cutters
ST-360 H - Manual lay-end cutter. Max. fabric width: 2,20 m. Max. table top width: 2,30 m. Max. lay depth: 300 mm. Knife size: 1000 mm. Voltage: 220 V, 1 ph, 50 / 60 Hz. Table is not included.
FA-200 H - Same as above, but automatic lay-end cutter. Table is not included. Other sizes are possible upon request