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Juki: lockstitch, overlock, buttonhole, button sewing machines
  Models Description Preview
AEC 126

edge control seamer with stacker

AHC-142 aut. hemmer picture
DMN 531-5 / 530-4 1 needle, side knife + trimmer picture
DLN 41 1 ndl. needle feed picture
LBH-793-1 straight buttonhole machine with automatic gymp cutting device (single stitching) picture
LH-1152-4 (3B) S 2 ndl., needle feed fully automatic picture
LH-1162 SF 2 ndl. lockst. split needle bar, 6,4 mm picture
LH-1162-4 2 ndl. (6,4 mm) disengageable needle bars, with thread trim picture
LH-3168 (SF) 2 ndl. ndl feed with disengageable ndl. bars picture

LK 981,282, 280,982, 984

all kinds of bartack, rectangular

LUH-521 KTO 2 ndl. Unison feed picture
MB-373 ZO-45 buttonrobot with BR-1 button feeder picture
MB-373 ZO-45 + BR-1 buttonrobot picture
MO 1514 G 4 thr. overlock picture
MO-3604-OE4-40H 3 thread overlock with backlatch and automatic functions, with VD 552 picture
MOL 100 P with LK 982 head, beltloop attacher picture
MOL 103 PCN with LK 1852 head, beltloop attacher picture
MOR-2504-OD4-306 3 thr. overlock top feed (before needles) complete fully submerged picture
TSH 411 (normal) NEW heavy duty cyl.arm picture


Various spare parts available at Global Parts for the following machines:

  • MB 372
  • MB 373
  • MO 804-OD4
  • MO 816-DD6

please contact them at globalparts@planet.nlfor any further information.