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Strobel: blindstitch, hemming machines
  Models Description Preview
KL 130 edge basting picture
KL 140-L   picture
KL 143-10 1 thread padding picture
KL 143-10 demo 1 thread padding for fur picture
KL 144   picture
KL 239 L elastic lockstitch for felling bottoms of skirts picture
KL 274-10 L 2 thread blindstitch with interval picture
KL 274-10 LF 2 thread blindstitch for felling on knitwear and woven fabrics picture
KL 280-30 2 thread chainstitch, blindstitch picture
KL 284 double chainstitch, blindstitch for hemming operations picture
KL 325-43 2 thread lining felling machine picture
KL 339 L hemming on edge,blindstitch picture
KL 44 N2   picture
KL 45-26 blindstitch picture
KL 530 F edge rubbing & basting picture
KL-70 roll padding machine picture