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The roots of the Bonis sewing machines were planted originally by Caesar and Henry Bonis Sr. in a factory in the centre of New York City. They were primarily engaged in repairing and trading of fur machinery.

Through the handling of these machines evolved some of the ideas for the modern, efficient Bonis industrial sewing machines. The first of these machines was the Bonis Model “A” for sewing light furs. When introduced to the trade it was an instant success.

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Bonis Model A-16 for € 1250,--

The machine for general work, primarily retail furriers.

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Bonis model A-18 for € 1250,--

For sewing let-out strips on heavier weight skins,

like beaver, seal, Russian broad tail, racoon, foxes

and for closing let-out mink.

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Bonis Model A-18-R for EUR 1250,--

Like model A-18, however equipped with the special

needle bar for the use of 459R classic needles.

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Bonis Model A-21 “mink master” for EUR 1300,--

Exclusively for let-out mink, ermine, chinchilla, sable

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Bonis Model SL-64 for EUR 1650,--

The machine with a big, big bite for sewing shoes.

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Bonis Model SP-65 for EUR 1650,--

Stitches padding on slipper soles.

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Bonis Model S-51 for EUR 1500,--

Ultra new over-seam machine for toy

manufacturers and replacement for B-32.
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Apart from the above models, we still have 9 pieces of the 3051.


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