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WF 905 Configurator


WF 905 head only (standard including pneumatic presser foot lifter
  and back tack)
Option 1:
  Table top D 75x60x5 cm for WF 9205
  Special cylinder stand P without wheels (CAS-stand)
  i90511    - i90-M-4-11-220 (750 W) for heavy duty (motor body reversed)
  External synchroniser SY0128 (600-28)
Option 2:
  special stand P including pedal
  Table top D 60x55x4 cm for WF 9000
  i90411    - i90M-4-11-220 (750 W) for heavy duty
  External synchroniser SY0128 (600-28)
For all our machines, we have LED lamps available.